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Join a community of over a thousand learners worldwide who have enriched their lives through our specialised courses. Whether you're looking to build a solid foundation in Arabic or delve into advanced studies in Quran, Islamic Law, and Theology, we have something tailored just for you. Our programmes are carefully crafted to offer a concise yet comprehensive learning experience. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your understanding of these sacred sciences. Whether you're a beginner or seeking advanced study, we've got you covered. Get in touch to find out more!
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Our Programmes

Sacred Texts Syllabus offers a number of uniquely designed programmes. Our programmes include, Arabic Accelerated, Language and Revelation, Access to tradition and more.

Sacred Texts Family

Join our Sacred Texts online community. Get access to weekly lessons, reminders and live classes related a wide range of subjects.

Short Courses

We also offer a number of unique short courses, such as "Journey of the Soul" and "Lessons from al-Munfarija" amongst others, available both online and on-site. For further details, feel free to get in touch.

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Arabic Accelerated

Arabic Accelerated is our flagship Arabic programme. We have put years of teaching experience together to produce a programme that takes a student with no prior study of the language to a level of competency which includes intermediate reading, writing and communication skills. Furthermore, a large portion of Quranic vocabulary is also covered. The programme has been structured in a way that students need only commit to one 3 hour session a week.

Why Sacred Texts?

Teaching methods

We guarantee an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and step by step guidance.

Unbroken Chain

We connect our students to a rich and unbroken tradition going back centuries.

It works!

We have taken many students from zero to advanced Arabic in a short span of time.

Our Journey so far

Subjects Covered



What our students say

I have been sceptical about the effectiveness of an online language course for several years until I succumbed and joined one during the pandemic. I have been pleasantly surprised with how effective this course has been all the way from the course content, method of instruction, online resource to the brilliance and deep knowledge of the teachers themselves. I have seen a big improvement in my competence in Arabic and I definitely plan on carrying on to the next stage of the course that Sacred Texts have to offer.
Saad Habib

What our students say

Completing the Arabic Accelerated programme has been an intense, but hugely rewarding, journey. Over the years, I have often naively thought that with the plethora of published Quran translations, I could easily manage without learning Arabic. However, studying with STS has made me realise how much meaning is lost in translation. Whilst completing the course I have found it incredibly motivating to find that I was slowly able to translate short verses of the Quran independently. The course is well designed and Shaykh Sjaad clearly has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience of teaching students Arabic. In addition, being taught by Ustadha Anika, who has been through the programme herself, has been inspirational as she embodies what can be achieved through studying with the Sacred Texts team. Signing up to the STS Arabic Accelerated programme has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and I only wish I had done it sooner! I’m thankful to God for being blessed with the privilege.
Dr Tayyiba Ajmal

What our students say

The Arabic Accelerated Programme has been a challenging yet enjoyable experience. I was initially unsure about signing up to an online Arabic course, however the team at Sacred Texts Syllabus have created a fantastic high quality online set-up making distance learning so much easier! Shaykh Sjaad & Ustadha Anika are brilliant teachers, they are patient, supportive and always willing to help! Thank you to all those involved in making this programme a success. For anyone wanting to learn Arabic, sign up to Arabic Accelerated! :)
Zanera Ajmal

What our students say

Overall I would rate this course excellent. Both teachers are highly knowledgeable and experience. Students are encouraged to be interactive. The pace is fast but compensated well by repetition if core concepts, class recordings and web-based resources with unlimited access for students. Reading text with no tashkeel at the end of one year course is pretty good achievement. Learning Arabic is based on key principle, just take what teacher says, keep revising and will eventually sink in ! I am looking forward for even more exciting next year. Thanks to both Shaykh Sajaad and Ustadha Anika.
Dr Ijaz Ahmad

What our students say

This course has been amazing. The support from the teachers and the encouragement from the teachers is what has kept me going and to actually finish the course. It is hard work, and as long as you attend classes you will always find yourself increasing in understanding. Shaykh Sjaad and Ustadha Anika offer the support and it’s not like other courses where you can only seek support in class time, the student and teacher relationship is active, the teachers actually care and want you to succeed even if you are struggling, you are not made to feel that you should quit. Amazing course, amazing teachers and a beautiful journey, I would definitely encourage others to join this course and be ready for your Arabic journey ❤️
Hifsah Rashid

What our students say

Before starting this course I had little understanding of the Arabic language, I had no idea how vast the Arabic language was prior to starting. The Arabic accelerated course has given me the ability to begin to understand the Arabic language and appreciate the beauty of the Quran. Learning Arabic is a lifelong journey and at sacred texts I have to say we have been in very safe hands! The structure of the course is excellent and quality of teachers that are teaching is exceptional. May Allah ‎ﷻ reward our teachers for there service to the religion and I thank them for the effort they have put in to teaching us.
Shaban Hussain