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Arabic Accelerated

January 2024 Registration now open!

Arabic Accelerated is our flagship Arabic programme. We have put years of teaching experience together to produce a programme that takes a student with no prior study of the language to a level of competency which include intermediate reading, writing and 
communication skills. 

Furthermore, a large portion of Quranic vocabulary is also covered.  The programme has been structured in a way that students need only commit to one 3 hour session a week.

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Language & Revelation

Language & Revelation is our flagship intermediate Quranic Arabic programme. This year we are more excited than ever, with a fantastic syllabus covering: Applied Grammar in the Quran, Quranic Language studies, an Introduction to Ulum al-Quran as well a detailed thematic study of Hadith using the famous collection of 40 Hadith by the great scholar Imam Abu Zakariyya an-Nawawi. Expect an action packed year full of learning and fulfilment.
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Access to Tradition

Access to Tradition is a course we devised for students looking to develop their skills beyond the study of the Arabic Language. What’s unique about this one year programme is that students get to survey the Islamic sciences allowing them to make a more informed decision about more in-depth study, as well as simultaneously improving their Arabic reading and writing skills.
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Studies in Tradition

Embark on a transformative journey of faith and intellectual exploration with our 3-year "Studies in Tradition" programme. Designed for intermediate-level students, this immersive curriculum aims to deepen your understanding of the Islamic sacred sciences, ranging from Hadith methodology to Islamic jurisprudence, Quranic exegesis, and classical Arabic. Under the guidance of esteemed scholars, students will engage with seminal Islamic texts and their commentaries, including works like "Nukhbat al-Fikr," "Al-Mirqat," and many more. This programme culminates in the granting of a traditional Ijaza, certifying your proficiency and scholarly authority in the studied disciplines. Prepare to become not just a student, but a custodian of Islamic knowledge, with the s…
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